Embedded Password Based Security Door Lock System Using At89s52

Embedded password based security door lock system projects main idea is to provide security for every home by implementing security system for doors using microcontroller. This project uses automated password system for opening and closing door. Microcontroller takes password inputs form keypad input and when input matches with the stored password then door will open else alarm will rise.

 It may also contain a pick gun which is an instrument that vibrates and push several lock pins at the same time.

            The main goal of this project is develop an embedded password security door lock system using microcontroller. In this project we are going to use 4x4keypad to enter the security lock. Here microcontroller place major role which is nothing but decision of door opening. Here predefined password is stored in microcontroller. We have to write a code such that whenever password is entered from keypad if that password is matches door has to open. Otherwise buzzer has to on.

This project can be used in industrial application,household applications and business application.

This paper contains introduction to problem and projects introduction, and its application in real life.

download Embedded Password Based Security Door Lock System Using At89s52 abstract.

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