Different between Eclipse & MyEclipse IDE’s

My Eclipse = eclipse + built-in plug-ins.

Given to develop advanced technologies based applications.

  • Eclipse IDE is the based IED for myeclips, easyeclipse, eclipseGelilio and etc.

what is the different between Eclipse & MyEclipse IDE’s

Eclipse                                                                                 MyEclipse

1>     Open source IDE                                              1>     Commercial IDE.

2>     Gives facilities to develop basic                      2>      Gives facilities to develop both basic and

Jse module applications.                                           advanced technologies based applications.

3>     Doesn’t provide built in plug-ins                    3>      provide built in plug-ins to work with advanced

to work with advanced technologies.                      technologies.

4>     Suitable for small companies.                         4>      Suitable for large scale applications.

Question: How to add plug-in in eclipse IDE to work with certain java based advanced technologies like Struts, hibernet and etc.

Answer:    Step 1:- download eclipse plug-ins of that advanced technology from internet in the form of jar files.

Example: – like the form of jar files.

Step2:- create project in eclipse IDE add the above jar files to plug-ins folder if that project.

Step3:- relaunch eclipse IDE once to activate the plug-ins.


  • Type :  IDE s/w for java
  • Version :  8.x (compatible with jdk 1.6)
  • Vendor:  Eclipse org.
  • Commercial software.
  • Gives tomcat as built-in server allows to configure any external server with IDE
  • To download  trail version :  www.myeclipseide.com
  • For docs :   www.myeclipseide.com

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