Distance Erudition system .Net Project

Distance Erudition system  is a web based application deals with online training program for employees of the company. The project has been developed for the distributed client server computation technology. The project basically list outs the courses available and time in which courses has to be completed.  It even makes the task of the company easier to review the courses and the training done by the employees. The company can assess the performance of each employee by conducting online exam for the course.

Other than the employee of the company no one can access the system. This project provides a registration for the employee. Only the registered employee is provided with the online study material covering that particular course along with the corresponding question bank.

Different levels of courses are provided. Each level covers the sub-topic of the particular course. After reading the study material, the employee must write a test. The test contains random questions selected by the server from the question bank. The employee must qualify the test in order to go to next higher level.

Once all the levels in the course are completed, employee will be permitted to go into final test, which contains all the subtopics of that course. The details of the course, study material, exam timings and results will be sending to the employee account .all the information will be secured. Employee can make any changes to his account.

In this project employees are given the flexibility to change the password and can write any type of test (level test, entry test, final test) for 3 times. If the employee is unable to complete the training with in the stipulated time, then they can request the administrator to increase the training time period. The employees can even directly write the entry test for any level. They can view the study material of the completed levels of the registered course.


  • Distance Education is a user friendly.
  • A report generation of all the employees who are undergoing training.
  • Only employees of the organization can access the system.
  • Employees can do only once course at a time.
  • Employees can change the password at any time.


  • Access to the available courses will be online with the study material in the form of documents.
  • User can get the training from his place and logging into the site through net.
  • The test will be processed and the results are displayed online within no time.
  • Managing the training library.

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