Mobile Agent Based Distribution Intrusion Detection System Java Project Report

Introduction to Mobile Agent Based Distribution Intrusion Detection System Java Project:

The Project is to apply the distributed agent architecture for the purpose of the Intrusion detection and analysis in the networked computer system.

This detection system is not traditional type of the intrusion detection system, here the Java associated mobile software mechanisms are used to generate the natural defensive mechanism.

The security programs observes the networked computers various stages like packet data transfer, processes, system work, and the user to identify the dissimilar and uncommon activity in the system by the network administrator.

If found the any anomalous responses the administrator take some security oriented actions to inhibit the intrusion. The Project aims to develop and construct the Intrusion detection system with the help of the artificial intelligence techniques to combine with mobile agent architecture. 

The Implementation of the Detection system includes

  1. Keen monitoring: To monitor the dissimilar responses and activity.
  2. Troubleshooting: To identify inactive parts of the system and restore them to continue to work along with the system running.
  3. Continuous System Performance: The Detection system should not interrupt the common functions of the host.
  4. Efficient Configuration
  5. Possibility in change of system configuration
  6. Flexibility to modify: To modify the system by adding the new functions and components. 

Applied Modules 

  1. GUI based Remote Interface Monitoring: The module contains sub- modules

            Details of Remote host

            Details ofMobileagent

            Warning display

            Agent action

            Agent information 

  1. Designing a Remote Server Application: The module is constructed to handle and regulate the agents. The execution of the agents on Java run time environment.
  2. The run time applies the requirements for running agents simultaneously. So it is simple to provide the simultaneous application agents during the run time. According to agents requirements, the run time generates the thread to execute the agent program.
  3. The system allows the transfer of agents in separate runtime. The other important aspect of agent migration is of two types- the class and the instances.
  4. The class deals with the program to be executed and the Instance makes execution.
  5. Mobile Agents: The agent is able to communicate with other agents and also master agents. The communication makes the association between agents to accomplish the tasks.
  6. User Authentication: The module possesses sub- modules





5.   Applying Mobile Agents.

Download  Mobile Agent Based Distribution Intrusion Detection System Java Project Report.

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