SMS Based Vehicle Location Finder for Parking ECE Seminar Topic

Introduction to SMS Based Vehicle Location Finder for Parking ECE Seminar Topic:

In present day life cars have become a common commodity to every family living in cities. With cars some problems such as security and parking is a common thing. Car parking has some glitches to it such as parking at right place and finding it back when we want to move out. In huge parking lots and multi storied parking lots there will be some confusion in finding the car because where we had parked the car and how to get it out. To solve this problem here is a simple system designed to give the direction where the car is. This system is based on microcontroller and GSM technology which is called as “SMS based vehicle location finder”.

We use a mobile phone to trigger a microcontroller which in turn controls an appliance such as a buzzer to ring an alarm and also the microcontroller acknowledges by sending an SMS that the buzzer is ringing or the lights of tail lam are flashing.

The main components in this system are AT command supporting GSM mobile phone, 89S52 Microcontroller, Max 232 IC, Relays, Relay driver IC ULN 2803, Voltage regulator 7805, Diode IN4007 and GSM Phone. The software used is Keil-U-Vision 3.0 in this software by using Keil tool set we can generate embedded applications virtually with supported microcontrollers. AT command is the communication protocol used between GSM phone and microcontroller.

The theory/principle used in this project can be used in different fields apart from just car parking application. We can use it to trigger a security alarm for vaults, to turn ON motors remotely using GSM handsets and many more.

Download SMS Based Vehicle Location Finder for Parking ECE Seminar Topic.

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