Methods of Improving Performance of the Gas Turbine Mech Document

Introduction To Methods of Improving Performance of the Gas Turbine:

Gas turbines are used in a wide range of application in industrial plants throughout the world. Hence, research is always being conducted in order to enhance means for overall development of the plant. In this project “Methods of Improving Performance of the Gas Turbine Mech Document” simply elaborates the methods by which performance of the gas turbines can be improved thereby improving total efficiency.

There are several air cooling techniques of which evaporate inlet cooling, absorptive cooling and mechanical compression are prominent. In an absorptive cooler, low grade energy drives the system. The cheapest method is evaporate cooling but works very efficiently in hot conditions. However it must be noted that cooling effect never takes the fluid temperature below 280 K as it leads to decrease in performance.


There are wide lists of parameters that influence the performance of the gas turbine. They are namely turbine efficiency, compressor efficiency and inlet temperature, pressure ratio, combustion efficiency etc. it is an obvious conclusion that if efficiency of turbine and compressor is improved, the power output gradually increases.

Thermal efficiency is also dependent on the pressure ratio. Graphs are plotted and analysis is done for pressure ratio at different loads with certain parameters kept constant. If losses are also considered, then efficiency of the cycle depends on turbine inlet temperature and pressure ratio.  Another important parameter is turbine inlet temperature. Higher the value of this parameter, higher work output is obtained.


Thus this project Methods of improving performance of the gas turbine has explained the parameters that affect gas turbines. This project confirms the results of Young and Wilcock’s model that improved cycle efficiencies is not due to increased outlet temperature always. Also by increasing the TIT and pressure ratio, the efficiency of the cycle in relation with the inter-cooler is greatly improved.

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