Mechanical Final Project On Modeling And Fatigue Analysis Of Automotive Wheel Rim

Introduction To The Mechanical Final Year Project:

          Trucks are the basic backbone of the world’s workforce and carry a lot of goods from one place to the other. Thus it is necessary that the truck’s wheels to be functioning properly. For this replacement of truck rims need to be done if they are bent or cracked for smooth truck travel.  In this project “Mechanical Projects On Modeling And Fatigue Analysis Of Automotive Wheel Rim” both the parameters are analyzed. Majority of truck rims are steel rims with welds.

           Since truck wheels have to be durable and have to carry weight, the rims are solid in nature. Also all the rims should be of same size. Heat conduction is dissisipation in a better way from the brakes as braking performance is improved and chances of brake failure is minimized. A standard automotive rim is made of rectangular sheet metal and is calibrated too.


             Wheel rim is that part of an automotive where it undergoes static and fatigue loads because it traverses on a lot of roads. This develops heavy stresses in the rim and thus it is necessary to determine the critical stress point and how many number cycles the rim will run. For modal analysis, the model has to be built, loads are applied and solutions are obtained. Then results have to be reviewed.   

             The underlying feature of all specific fatigue failure mechanisms is that there is an existence of cyclic stresses at points of the component. These cyclic stresses can give rise to damage accumulation developing a crack and finally leading to failure. The fatigue failure mechanisms are of two kinds-primary and secondary mechanisms which are elucidated in detail in the project.


           From the results of this project, it has been found out that steel alloy is more feasible to use and have more life and durability than Aluminum. In the future, optimization of material thickness is done to reduce material consumption. Furthermore life of the component can be improved by fatigue strain life approach.

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