Bus Rapid Transit System Mechanical Engineering Project Report

The system of transportation and mobility are two leading indicators of today’s world. These indicators display avoidable declining method with time passing if it is not checked because transportation method overcomes the present critical situation without vast growth in the population country.

 The urban transport in a prospering country is very special due to quick increased economic and demographic, increased travel demand, lack of transport systems, and disorder land process while the present period of transition.

The motorized automobile and transportation includes social difference in accessibility. In India, it is hard for any development to fix the equity. The accessibility is intensely inclined with permission to private automobiles.

Based on political science, there are two facts which have emerged. First one is transportation which is based on high class. The people who own vehicles face serious damages like pedestrians, road users, public transport users, and non-motorized vehicles. Second fact is that these injuries are not compensated or assigned. They are unaccredited and externalized costs made by unrestricted automobiles.

People like to rail transportation to bus transportation since mobility is low due to speed and low interruption.  There is an expensive transportation method known as Bus Rapid Transit System comparing to light rail or heavy rail transportation.  It is well described and integrated system with design characteristics of rail transportation systems.


BRT is the method to enhance mobility at less cost by increasing investment of bus operational mobility, infrastructure, and technology. BRT uses technology of Intelligent Transportation System, new land planning, and transportation methods for quick transportation methods depending on vehicles like bus.

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