MBA Student Dissertation Experience




Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Literature Review

2.1: theory

2.2: Results of various empirical researches

Chapter 3: about the SBI and comparison of other Indian banks, calculating ratios.

 Chapter 4 : methodology

4.1: styles of research

4.2: the research problem and style chosen

4.3: hypothesis

4.4: research question

4.5: methods of analysis

4.6: data sources

Chapter 5: analysis and findings

5.1: critical appraisal of literature

5.2: analysis of data

5.3: findings from analysis

Chapter 6: discussions

6.1: interpretation of results and answer to the research questions

6.2: evaluation of answer with existing theory and previous empirical research

Chapter 7: conclusions

7.1: conclusion evaluation of hypothesis

7.2: limitations of the current research

7.3: recommendations for the further work. 




This is the format he just gave me today. It is quite similar to the previous format but we need to do all dissertations as per this format. he is saying  what we have done so far  will come in chapter 3.need  to calculate some ratios and  show the comparison of other Indian banks with SBI as well.

I am sending you some files which my lecturer mails me regarding dissertation, it will help you doing my dissertation.

You will get your second installment on Tuesday. As u know that I have to submit dissertation on coming Saturday, if you send me all complete dissertation by Friday morning so I can finish other work like plagiarism check, printing and binding etc….

And finally don’t do dissertation of my other friend coz lecturer is not happy with his literature review he may get some more time I’ll let u know about him.

Once again please does my dissertation exactly in the same format as my lecturer ask me to do? Please its all about my future so do your BEST.

Thank You.

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