MBA Project Dissertation Structure

Dissertation structure

Chapter 1.0 Introduction

1.1  Rational

1.2  relevance for MBA

1.3   purpose and aims

Chapter 2.0: Theory (Books etc) 2 to 3 pages.

         2.2 Empirical research (Papers, Journals etc) 17 to 18 pages.

Chapter 3.0: Description (General description about topic & relevant areas) 6 to 7 pages.

Chapter 4.0: Methodology {Research Design}   (4 to 6 pages)

          4.1:        different styles of researches positives or phenomenal etc.

          4.2:       research problem in simple English.

          4.3:       Hypothesis

                        What you expect before you test?

                        Example: post Northern crisis UK commercial banks are now safer.

          4.4:       Research question: Research question must start with “IS, Are or what”, it should not start from “how”.

                       Example:  Are the UK commercial banks are safe after Northern rock crisis?

           4.5:      Sources of Data:

                        Primary data, like Interviews questionnaires if any.

                        Secondary Data, Published data like annual reports, journals papers etc.

Chapter 5.0:      (6 to 8 pages)

         5.1 Interruption (appreciation) of findings.

         5.2 Evaluation of answers.

             5.3 Evaluation of hypothesis (2 pages)

Chapter 6.0:    Conclusion

             6.1: reflection on work (how could I done it better) ½ page

              6.2: Limitations ½ page

Chapter 7.0:    Recommendations 3 pages. 

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