MBA Dissertation Project on Analysis of International Out Sourcing


The main goal of this research is to identify the significance of global outsourcing in change management process of the companies. Identifying different external and internal change management problems that take place in global sourcing process is the actual goal of this study. Alternately, to propose different change management strategies and methods that can be used to overcome problems related global outsourcing process in the change management process is the other goal of this study.

Scope of the Project

This project analyzes the information on problems faced by companies particularly the (Infosys company India-Hyderabad) in global outsourcing process when performing the business activities. This research study reveals detailed information on global outsourcing in change management process.

Deliverables of the project

The main deliverables of this project are as follows:

  • Overview of Change management process of companies
  • Overview of Change management process of Infosys
  • The detailed information on technology based problems faced by companies especially Infosys in global outsourcing process with business activities.
  • Information on strategies and approaches to be followed in balancing global outsourcing with change management activities

Research Questions

  1. Why companies try to perform outsourcing process to their products and services and what is the impact of global outsourcing process on companies?
  2. Why should companies expand their business activities into global markets?
  3. Why global sourcing aspect is important in the change management process?
  4. What is the current situation of Infosys Company in global market?
  5. Why Infosys Company is facing failures in managing the change management process successfully?
  6. What type of techniques and methods should Infosys follow in order to implement change management processes successfully?

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