Knowledge Management Project Report for Management Students

Introduction to Knowledge Management Project:

This paper discussed about a popular evolving business opportunity, knowledge management for both IT vendors and management consultants. Many organizations are associated with this concept.  There is a severe need in current business world for the replacement of word ‘Information’ with the word ‘Knowledge’ at every aspect. Information management is one of the subsets of knowledge management.  This paper discussed about how the KM tool and features are implemented in India’s Test Institute of Management. KM leads to a collaborative culture.


Knowledge management plays a vital role in public administration. KM develops an intellectual capital in order to enhance the effectiveness of situation handling and decision making in both public and private sectors. Improve decision making within public services, help the people to join in public decision making, develop societal IC capabilities and improve knowledge competitive work forces are the four public administration knowledge management areas to be considered. To server these four purposes many KM approaches are adopted.  

Business Schools is the conceptual framework in knowledge management context. This framework is adopted to improve the quality of knowledge sharing in business schools. KM tools are implemented in India’s Test Institute of Management to support B-School framework.  KM helps to take more informed decisions. Insight and innovation comes from free flow of ideas which is the main aspect encouraged by this KM concept. KM improves the productivity and also enhances customer service and efficiency. KM helps to reduce redundancy in work by avoiding re-invention of wheel every time.  But, for some times KM is not capable to deliver expected performance.


Organizational efficiency, competitive advantage and managing intellectual capital are few of the key drivers to the people who are interested in knowledge management.  The implementation of knowledge management is not easy. Issues regarding strategy, technology and organizational culture are raised to the organization which implements knowledge management. Despite of these issues, companies in both public and private sector have shown much interest to implement knowledge management concept. 

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