Interactive Voice Response Seminar Topic

Interactive-Voice-Response-Seminar-TopicInteractive voice response is a seminar topic based on telephone communication between company and users with top quality facilities. This seminar topic will explain about features included in IVR software and how it is works in real scenario. This topic can be used by computer science students.

IVR software consists of two parts.

– The Call Handling Engine –

– The Application Generator –

Call handling engine part will look after call receiving, text to voice converter, data base interaction, voice messaging, voice to mail and many other features.

Application generator part will look after designing of new application as per the use of client. This software will provide graphical user interface with drag and drop features. Using these features it is easy to design new application in a short time.

IVR works as a VoIP service which will use internet as a medium for voice communication. This seminar topic will explain in detail about how data is communicated in the network.

This software is developed using Intel Dialogic’s processor which is used for voice processing; this processor is best processor which will provide reliability and robustness. IVR software use graphical user interface with color schemes to handle calls more effectively. Each state of operation is mentioned with different color. For call disconnected red color is used, for call connected green color is used.

This seminar topic will explain about touch tones, voice calls handling and more. Client using this application can design new application by creating his own call flow diagram. This software provides user friendly GUI for designing our own call flow application.

download Seminar Report and paper presentaion  on Cell phones beyond calls and SMS .

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