Indian Tourism Project Literature Review



Demographic characteristics including age, gender, occupation, income, education and number of people living in the household can all have an effect on the purchasing preferences choice of Indian holiday destinations. In order to determine the factors compelling consumers to choose a particular destination, attention will be focused on three main areas. These are (a) the decision making theory’s that serves as the foundation of the study and (c) what drives consumer choice, and (c) factors that influence choice drivers. Each of these areas will be reviewed in this chapter. 

Prior to introducing an overview of consumer behaviour will be given. This will be followed by discussing the major consumer behaviour models and the models will lead to an examination of consumer behaviour models, with emphasis being placed on definitions, purpose as well as value of these models.

Consumer behaviour can be explained as the research of an individuals, groups or institutions and these process they use to select, secure use and array of products, services, understandings or notions to fulfil the consumer needs in the public. Consumer behaviour is chronological process, which includes different activities and the process of outcome will influence the consumer in proper direction.

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