Change Management Presentation a Key to Successful Outsourcing

According to Scott Gildner, organizing a change management program will help companies to overcome the limitations of global outsourcing. Companies face many problems in managing the process of global outsourcing. The company which outsources to another company loses management control over the outsourced product, service or activity. This leads to several complications which make the process of global outsourcing very cumbersome on the management level.

Scott suggests that a change management program is the ideal solution to the problem. This program will allow the management of both companies to make the necessary changes in order to ensure smooth functioning. The program also pays special attention to communication between the managements of both the companies as this is the most significant aspect of the outsourcing process.

Also, communication is of utmost importance because it allows the two companies to form a healthy professional relationship. In this article, Scott also proposes a number of other strategies that the companies may implement to overcome the loopholes of the process of global outsourcing. Scott is of the opinion that all factors which influence the HR department also influence the process of global outsourcing and his methods are aimed to manage human resources more efficiently.

After reviewing this article the researcher concludes that implementation of the change management program will enable companies make the necessary changes in managing the process of global outsourcing in a more efficient manner.

Future work is required to this article in order to explain the different strategies and activities involved in change management process.

The Researcher concludes that, if any company implements change management program then that particular company can easily overcome the changes that take place in outsourcing process by using change management strategies.

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