Managing Intellectual Property in Global Outsourcing for Innovation Generation

In this article, the author writes that the various operations related to globalization will go on for many years to come. The author also gives information ideas about the different methods through which the costs may be decreased and how to fulfill needs of the management.

The authors of the article also describe the various international relationships that can be utilised for managing the trust and controlling the process of outsourcing. The authors primarily highlight the various aspects of outsourcing firms. They also describe the primary factors related to the global outsourcing process and the different constraints that have affected organisations.

The authors also write about the necessity of the phenomenon of global outsourcing the roles it plays in the success of a particular organisation. The author mainly describes the different categories of outsourcing and the radical changes which it may impose on the organisation. Here the author mostly writes about the various guidelines which are utilized and about the aspects that form a connection between the management and other relevant factors.

There exist various variables and also generation privacy that can be obtained through the process of global outsourcing. The authors also state that companies fear losing managerial control on the activities that they outsource to other organisations.

After reviewing this article, the researcher concludes that the author must pay more attention to the various aspects of outsourcing. This will provide a better idea of the process of global outsourcing. 

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