MBA Dissertation Topic on Inside India Indians View Their Automotive Future

Indian automobile industry is having good improvements in manufacturing capabilities, potentials and rapid growing market. Even though, there are many developmental aspects in Indian market, still Indian automobile market is facing challenges.

India is the country, which is having unique automobile market with great mission and vision statements. The GDP and per-capita values are high for Indian market. Many changes have taken place in Indian markets and many companies came into existence with new ideas and projects. But a recent automobile trend has changed in India because there are different varieties of cars to serve Indian customers.

Many companies are facing failures in identifying Indian customers buying behavior of cars. But many Indian automobile companies identified that if they satisfy Indian customers then they can get competitive advantage in national and international markets.

This article explains the world value of Indian automobile industry and its production capabilities over the World. Further in-depth research is required in this article in order to explain clearly about buying behavior of Indian customers.

The information on Indian automobile industry and its capabilities are explained in the article which are the significant aspects for the research process and for this reason this article is taken into consideration. 

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