MBA Case Study on Multiskilling at Rossett NHS Trust


This case study covered the issue of Implementation of Multi-skilled Worker concept in Rossett NHS Trust Hospital, UK. The author tried to identify, evaluate and explain the leadership and organisational behaviour issues in this particular case. The factors involved in this topic also evaluated. The main finding of this study is considered the areas of Management and Leadership, Motivation, Groups and teams, Team leadership, Leadership Theories through the critical evaluation of literature.


This case study discusses about an implementation problem of a new system at Rossett NHS Trust Hospital. The Rossett Trust Hospital is a medium sized hospital in UK, in this hospital the trust implemented a Multi-Skilled Worker concept as pilot project to decrease the waiting time for action and increase customer service efficiency, and for cost control.

Implementation of this concept, introduced a new multi skilled work force to the hospital. In this implementation 250 people are directly involving over 2800 staff. In the pilot project only 12 people are involving directly. This project was ran about one year in a large ward under the leadership of Ms. Lipton, but finally failed to implement this in full length. The implementation is removed by conducting a voting in which leading voted against the implementation.

In rossett trust hospital there are two directorates one is Clinical Directory, all the clinical staff comes under this, and another is Site Service Directorate, all the Portering & cleaning staff (hotel services staff) comes under it. This implementation moving some 35,000 hours per year from Clinical Directorate to Site Service Directorate, this made a controversy, and the hotel services people fed up by cleaning every time. After some controversies, arguments, issues and mistakes the staff voted against to change in union voting.

This case study identified and evaluated some issues, and tried to explain why the implementation is failed and what are the factors involved.

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