Seminar Topic on Computer Hardware

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Computer Hardware:

Random Access Memory (RAM)
RAM is referred as random access memory. RAM is a place within the system or the computer and it is having responsibility of data staking away on basis of temporary, so it can be accessed promptly by processor. In RAM information is stored and typically loaded it from hard disk of computer, data which is related to certain applications and the operating system. When switch off the system, all stored information is lost by RAM. The information remains saved and when system is in running mode then only data can be retrieved.

When memory of RAM is full, the system is likely more to perform operations at low speed. In any random order data can be retrieved. Normally, RAM is two types, one is named as Dynamic RAM (DRAM) and other one named as Static RAM (SRAM). When on the computer many programs are running simultaneously, the computer is allowed by virtual memory to perform search operation in RAM for portions of memory which is not accessed from long time and those are copied onto computer hard drive. RAM space is freed by this action and system is enabled to load various programs.

 Read Only Memory (ROM)

This memory type is active, apart from the system is switched off or is turned on. It is considered as non-volatile storage memory which is permanent kind. The name which is specified as ‘read only’ suggests included content in it which is not modified or changed. It is considered as pre programmed integrated circuit with needed data which is necessary for computer to perform its internal functionality.


Cache is other type of RAM which is accessed by computer system more responsively than in regular RAM. In memory of cache central processing unit appears before searching is performed in area of central storage to recognize needed information. System needs are ruled out by this for system to perform information search in bigger and larger areas of memory storage, which leads to data faster extraction.

 Computer Hard Drive

These are considered as important components of data storage which is installed in computer CPU. Their ranges of memory widely, and memory is chosen by user depending upon needed data which can be accessed and stored. In today’s environment, hard drives have 120 gigabytes to 500 GB memory capacity are normally utilized.

 Flash Memory

This is non-volatile memory which is contributed to storage that is portable and convenient data transfer from one system to another. Data which is presented in it can be programmed or erased as per the requirements of user. Only specific erases are owned by it and write withstand cycles after creation of tendency on stored information to lose out. USB flash drives and memory cards are memory storage some modes.

These are just main and common memory types of main computer which facilitate data and memory storage. But, many sub types are presented according to related functionalities of memory they are sorted out and requirements are performed and served by them.

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