Manchester Code Decoding Controls the Robot Direction by TV Remote

Manchester code decoding controls the robots direction by TV remote projects explains about developing a robotics application which can run just by a TV remote. Basically small range remote control systems like video and audio controls run using infrared rays which is just a light which cannot visible to human eye. So developing a remote controlled robot using IR technology will be cheaper and easy but which can work at small range.

         This projects main idea is to sense robots motion and control its motion using wireless IR data communication. When we access the remote by pressing a key, the IR transmitter sends a signal to the Receiver which is assembled to the robot as bursts of non-visible light. The Receiver in the other end is a photodiode or photo receptor that detects and captures the light pulses, which are then processed to retrieve the information they contain.

Here we are using TSOP1738 receiver, it collects the signal that is transmitted from the IR transmitter and it gives the signal in the form of RC5. Then the microcontroller captures the RC5 format and controller performs the necessary action by sending the data to the robot through a DC motor driver L293D, like moving the robot LEFT, RIGHT, FRONT or BACK. Advantages are easy to use, simpler and quicker. Applications are for sending robot’s to harsh environments, industrial applications etc.

download  Manchester Code Decoding Controls the Robot Direction by TV Remote project.

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