Intruder Alarm System Abstract

Intruder Alarm system project main idea is to develop a application which can provide security for house from thief. Generally burglars enter in to house from windows or from main doors. So this application works on infrared signals. IN this system there are two types of systems one which works internally and one which work externally. This project mainly deals with internal design i…e, system setup is inside the house. External setup is not accurate and there are chances of wrong calculation. Infrared rays are connected to control panel which is connected to external devices like alarms, mobile phones. Whenever doors are opened infrared rays will send signals to control panel and it will set alarm or call to police or owner based on our initial setup.                                 

The major action in this system is controlled by transmitter section; this section consists of IR transmitter and IR receiver. Here we need to generate IR frequency continuously, so that by using a small tiny microcontroller, frequency is produced and is connected to the IR led to generate IR light rays of 38 kHz frequency.

IR receiver continuously receives the signals from the transmitter .when ever the light path in between IR transmitter and IR receiver cuts by an intruder, receiver signal gives low to high pulse. By connecting the receiver output to the micro controller interrupt pin, it gives interrupt to the microcontroller. Immediately the system gives the buzzer.

 Applications can be used in areas where Trespassing is prohibited, Industries where authentication is required and people who need privacy. 

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