Main Objective of Payroll Management System Visual Basic Project

The Payroll Management System has been developed with Visual Basic programming in a user friendly manner. The system has been designed so as to get minimum amount of inputs from the user. The system promotes the data entry operator with menus and screens. The form has been designed in such a way that the cursor is placed in the first entry where the data must be entered. Validations are made for each and every data entered. Whenever the user types erroneous data, error messages are displayed and the user is allowed to correct the input data. Dropdown boxes have been provided for the list of valid data for certain fields where the user can make the selection. 

Specific Objective:

                       The system focuses upon imparting better services to the company. It helps the company to maintain its Employee Details, Department Details, Staff Appointment Details , Staff Relive Details, Pay Roll Management etc., 

It is highly user friendly. At the design and development stages it ensures data integrity and security. It requires not much computer knowledge to operate this system. Functions such as data entry, addition, deletion, modification, navigation etc., have been made simpler and interactive and provides a user interface.

Payroll Management System Project abstract provides detailed information on Hardware and software requirements and development details. This project is implemented in java and platforms.

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