Payroll Management System

Introduction to Payroll Management System Project:

Payroll Management System document formally defines about the requirements of the new proposed theory and it also briefly state about the non-functional and functional requirements.

At the same time it includes a description about the interface that is used by the users as well as the requirements of the training and documentation.

Payroll Management project helps to generate the rate of salary each month and it is also equipped with a system that can take care of the attendance of the employee’s in a firm. It keeps a track of the employees attendance and on that basis it generate the monthly salary.

It also helps to generate pay slip as well as the summary of the payroll. The report of the ESI and provident fund is generate by this system. Printout is also available so that it can be submitted to the department.

Existing System:

The present calculation of the salary is done manually and it takes a lot of time to compose the employee’s salary. The salary slip also takes a long time to create and as this is a tiresome and cumbersome process it takes a lot of time.

It also delays the salary distribution system. Sometimes the salary is not generated within the stipulated time period thus creating a lot of hassle.

Error is the other major problem of the manual system and even with repeated cross check some of the other errors surely persist which can cause a lot of problems.

To solve this problem the organization need an ideal software that can take care of  all these.

Proposed System:

The new proposed Payroll Management system will surely eradicate all these issues that they are facing now and this software is created in such a manner that it automatically generate the salary of the employees every month without any worries.

This software also keeps a track of the employees attendance, payslip and payroll summary.

Project Management MS Access Database Tables will be useful for database design. This project is implemented in different languages like java,

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