Latest Java Project Idea on Virtual Examination Application with Report

Introduction to Virtual Examination Application Project:

A virtual examination is simply an examination that is held online via the internet. This exam has to be taken by the applicants individually and it looks forward to test one’s practical and cognitive abilities. The exam as mentioned before in computerized and is also objective in nature and is created in order to assess the students. Objective form of examination is considered to be easier than the subjective form of exam since the students are expected to choose the answer of the questions that is already pre-determined and is provided in the question paper, from which the students have to pick out the correct one, or the closest to the correct one. 

The pattern of questions might be multiple choices, where the students have to pick out the correct one from the given options, or mention if the stated facts are true or false. Other types include graphical hotspots, where the students need to recognize either an object or position. Still other type includes text input, where a brief answer has to be provided either in the text format or in the numeric format.

The reason why these questions are used for virtual examination is because the question pattern is multiple choice, which enables the use of automated marking. This is because no judgment is required to be made in this case since the answers will be either wrong or right. 

However it should be kept in mind that the tests can be customized so the objective part of the test depends on the maker of the test; it can be only as objective as the makes want it to be. Having these kinds of tests allows only a specific group of people to apply for it, without the hassle of others applying for it. Most of these tests are time based and there is no scope for partiality as all applicants get the same amount of time.

Download  Latest Java Project Idea on Virtual Examination Application with Report.

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