BUGTRACKER CSE Project in Asp.Net

Introduction to BUGTRACKER CSE Project in Asp.Net:

One of the best bug tracking system or a system that tracks down defects in a machine in the recent times is the bugzilla. What this bug tracking system allows people to do is that it enable both groups of developers and individuals in tracking the number of bugs that are outstanding in a very efficient manner.

The reson for its soaring popularity is that it is free and does not charge an exorbitant amount as license fee. Other advantage of bugzilla is that it has a number of other added features that help in tracking down the defects, which most of the other non-free systems lack. 

What bugzilla does is offer to help you have a grasp over the process of software development. If the projects are successful, then the entire organization will bask in its glory, as it will showcase not only a successful organization, but also a successful communication within the organization. Some of the enviable features of bugzilla are given below:

  • Ability to track bugs and change codes
  • Enable proper communication within the organization
  • Review and submission of patches
  • Assurance of management of quality
  • Efficient administration of systems
  • Deployment of management
  • Ability of tracking both hardware and software bugs
  • Supports IT queues 

Many organizations that have been using bugzilla have stated that they now find that it has helped to minimize downtime, help in increasing productivity, improved the level of customer satisfaction and helped in over all communication within the organization

. It has also reduced costs in IT and telephone support, while keeping track of any problems. Bugzilla has done wonders for numerous organizations, and it is best to implement bugzilla in your organization at the earliest instance.

This tracking system will not help you to keep a tab on the bugs, but will also generate a profit for your organization. 

Download  BUGTRACKER CSE Project in Asp.Net.

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