VB Project Abstract on Online Sales and Inventory Management System

Introduction to Online Sales and Inventory Management System :

For a departmental store you should follow some guidelines to manage sales and inventory simultaneously. The SIMS system assists you to keep all the details for stock, upgrading the sales details and inventory, inventory record for certain period.

This system includes user component and admin component. The system is really aiding from both the viewpoint of managers in sales department and store managers as well.

The system is convenient to run on various terminals. The system performs its functionality in GUI interface for its users in supreme manner.

There are assortments of functionality that are allied with the system. In many cases the users can make some forecast to manage inventory and proceed further.

On the system the users are being registered and every user has some distinctive functions to operate.  The users can gain advantages from the system and make the most of it.

The inventory manager can register new users to the system. But for a salesperson the system provide many advantages. A salesman can login to the system; modify the password of the system.

Ten check the stock condition. He can seek out any item by choosing the category or he can type the item name on the search box. He can make a bill for the customer by entering the items that the customer bought.

The bill has some patterns like serial no, price, rate, quantity and others. If he does a mistake while entering the items he can easily cancel it and make a fresh one.

If the store has exchange policy and if the product or sold item is not good enough and returned by the customer then make a new return bill for the item.

Reference to sales inventory system project for source code.

The sales person should report to the inventory manager if there is deficiency of stock for any item. He may tell his hierarchy if he makes a bill and any item is not listed on the system.

If he is not aware of using the system efficiently then he can get the assistance of expert managers. 

Download  VB Project Abstract on Online Sales and Inventory Management System .

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