Data Centric Knowledge Management System Project Report

Introduction to Data Centric Knowledge Management System Project:

Data centric knowledge management system project is implemented in java platform using MYSQL as back end database. Main aim of this project is to develop a web based application for employees in a organization to share information on different software topics and get solutions from different software engineers on topics which are useful for software engineer. In existing system software engineer mainly searches on web to find solutions on coding and different parts of software development which is a time taking process and there is no prefect guidance to solve their problem in less time. In order to solve this problem we propose a data centric knowledge management system in which software engineers will share their knowledge and get answers for their problems in short time. In this application different levels of software engineers will update new articles on web site and grading is given for best user who will provide best answers on the blog regularly.

In this application users can search based on key words and name of author, topic and category..etc and find quick answers for problems.

For more information on this project students can download reference material from below download link.

Computer science and information technology students can find more related project reports and source code on same topic from this site for free download.

Download Data Centric Knowledge Management System Project Report from this link.

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Data Centric Knowledge Management System Project Report - Download Free project Source code, Project Report Documentation, PPT and Guidance