Retrieving Data from Table – SQL Server Tutorial

Retrieving Data from Table   :-

  • “Select “command is used to retrieve data from table.
  • “Select” command is used to the following operations.

(i)  Select
(ii)  Project                    
(iii)  Join
(iv) Set operations -> union, intersect

These operations are data retrieval operations.


  • Selecting particular records from Table.

Example   :- sal>200

Project   :

  • Selecting particular columns from table

Example: – enameπ, sal(emp)


  • Greeting data from multiple tables.




   Example   : Display ename and salaries

Select ename, sal from emp

  • Display all the data from emp table

Select * from EMP

  • By default Sql server doesn’t column headings for derived columns

Select ename, sal, sal*12  From emp

Ename             sal          no column name

A                     500           6000

B                      600           7200

C                      700            8400

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