Mechanical Seminar Topic on Spot Welding by Automation System PPT

Introduction to Mechanical Seminar Topic on Spot Welding by Automation System:

The topic is about welding, though there are different types of welding technique. Spot welding is more preferable.

  As the technology improves the robots are a head, we can use the robots for welding .this welding methods are done by using robots, and is called spot welding by automation system .The main equipment needed are A Robot controller an arc welding equipment Motion devices Robot motion Devices Sensors Safety Devices .As a robot is a technical device and we have to consider the following things while designing they are Robot work envelope, joints, travel velocity, Accuracy, and Resolution of motion.

CONTROLLER is called as a whole programmer. It can be considered as a brain of the human system, as it provides the signals by using high speed processors and sensors .The controller not only controls the robot but also many integrated parts such as manipulators. The mechanism is similar to that of a human body it means it controls all parts. The control system is so inevitable. Memory backup devices can also be using for giving data to it. It can be automated and the robot has the capacity to restore the data and loss occurs .it restores the data without return to the zero configurations.

NEEDS to generate arc: to maintain stability of power, short arc, a wire feeder to torch, cooling system

  Manipulators: it holds the device and moves with better access. The advantage is that they can be moved easily around the work piece for the best   welding positions, reduce the variation in the lead and the lag angles of   the tip a stable flat welding position  can be obtained, it increases the working range performed in a stable flat welding position, Any hard-to-reach positions can be accessed more easily.

 Download  Mechanical Seminar Topic on Spot Welding by Automation System PPT.

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