Daily Activities Software System Java Project

  • Mini Project Title: Daily Activities Software System Java Project
  • Technologies Involved: HTML, JAVA, Web logic server, and SQL 2005

Project Description:   The final year software project Daily Activities Software System has implemented on java technologies using web logic server and SQL server database. This software application explains about the staff is responsible for recording the day-to-day activities and may incur losses if not managed properly. The company knows the importance of maintaining quality work   at the workplace.  In the previous related projects many  companies   are using  manual  process  to  record the  topics  covered  in  the classroom. It also record number of classes attended, duration and work load calculation for a week, etc. Sometimes despite of maintaining all records they may fail to produce the output being expected. The reason might be related to mismanagement and wrong handling the data. The implemented software application system is to develop daily activities software system (DASS) which records staff’s activities easily and effectively. It measures the day  to day activities of  the  staff and enables  the  head of  the department(HOD)  to have a glance on their  daily  activities. The proposed system provides communication with the staff regarding various activities in the department. DASS reduces the complexity to simple, secure and more reliable. This project is mainly useful for colleges and schools.

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