CSE Seminar Report on Microsoft Surface

Introduction to  Microsoft Surface Seminar Topic:

A new milestone was achieved by Microsoft with the announcement of Microsoft Surface.  Microsoft surface has a 30-inch touch screen with five cameras to sense the objects mounted on the screen. It is capable of recognizing multiple gestures simultaneously. The screen has discarded keyboards and mouse. Not only does it recognize finger touch, but also tracks the movement of paint brushes. The device is capable of recognizing objects by scanning their barcodes.

 Now getting on to the components of Microsoft Surface, it consists of a screen with a projector, an essential CPU and an Infrared. Microsoft Surface has been provided with an advanced screen to recognize objects placed atop by their shapes also one of the unique features of the device. Live wallpapers have been introduced advertising its superior touch. The projector displays a 1024 x 768 pixel image, while the 850-nanometer LED light source in the Infrared picks up a 1280 x 960 pixel image. It contains a Core 2 Duo processor, with 2GB RAM and a 256MB Graphic Card along with the necessary wireless communication using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the upcoming technology of NFC (Near Field Communication).

Microsoft surface brings a whole new set of applications designed especially for the simplicity of the user. This increases its scope of use in all kinds of activities. Though the best, Microsoft Surface poses its own problems to the common user. Even if one neglects the high price, the size and energy consumption of the device makes it hard to be used by the common man.

Microsoft Surface has a wide range of applications. The basic applications such as photos, music and games are available with the device. Real life applications include the use to pay bills using credit cards. Microsoft surface can be introduced in restaurants, electronic stores and bars. As of now, there are unlimited applications possible. The launch of the device and the applications it holds would help us get a better understanding of the fields in which it holds a promising advantage over the other devices.

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