Intelligent Security System

Intelligent Security System Programmable number lock system is a high security number lock system which is used as intelligent security system and is a user friendly. It is combination of software and hardware and 8051 Microcontroller kit is used for interfacing the system.

With this design, a door can be locked by using a four digit code (password). The code is set based on the user’s desire and the name PROGRAMMABLE. When the door is unlocked, the user must enter the code which is entered when the door gets locked. The door gets unlock and SEVEN SEGMENT displays ‘P’ with BUZZER sound. When user enters wrong code then BUZZER gets activated and now the volume gets much less.

The system has three units Keyboard unit, Display unit, and Control unit. The components that are used in the circuit of the intelligent security system are 8051 microcontroller, seven segment display, crystal oscillator, resistors, capacitors and buzzer.

A microcomputer is built on single semiconductor chip and used for automatic control of equipments, machines and process in industry, instrumentation, commercial and consumer appliances. The circuitry is the heart of the 8051 which generates the clock pulses with which all Operations are synchronized. Pins XTAL1 and XTAL2 connect a resonant network to form an oscillator.

Capacitors are present in every electronic circuit and meant to store electrons and are released whenever desired. It is a measure of ability of a capacitor to store charge and is measured in farads (F). The commonly used fixed capacitors are mica, ceramic, paper, and electrolytic. Applications are Telecom, Automotive applications, Domestic appliances, Robotics, Aerospace applications, Medical equipment, Defence systems, and Office automation.


With the use of 8051 8-bit microcontroller an Intelligent Security System is made which has many household and official applications used in our day to day life. It has practical importance for many security purposes in our day to day life.

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