Contour detection and classification using Artificial Neural Networks Project

Project Title: Contour detection and classification using Artificial Neural Networks

Academic Research Areas: Image Processing, Medical diagnosis

Project Description:

This project will investigate the use of Artificial Neural Networks for detection of contours from X-ray and CT scan images and compare them with at least one traditional image processing method.

Aim: To apply Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) for the detection of Region of Interest (contours) in medical images to automate medical diagnosis.

Objectives: It is expected that the student will be able to
(i) Investigate the traditional image processing techniques for contour detection;
(ii) Investigate the use of ANNs for contour detection applications;
(iii) Implement one algorithm based on ANNs using medical images;
(iv) Implement at least one technique of contour detection used in image processing;
(v) Compare the effectiveness of the two approaches.

Product Details:

The project will develop a Matlab-based suite with appropriate GUI for the selection of test images, choice of algorithm to use and display all the results in appropriate graphical and numerical formats.

Resources Required:

1. Access to medical images (some available on the Web and some as part of a research project within the department).
2. Matlab/Simulink software


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