Effigy Processing Java Project


The purpose of Effigy Processing Java Project is to have a better understanding of the image and to use the image in the relevant applications.

Existing System:

The present image processing algorithms and systems are capable of analyzing the images. But these systems are unable to enhance and alter the images according to the application and domain requirements.

Proposed System:

The proposed Effigy Processing Java Project permits various enhancements on the image. The enhanced images can be stored for further reference and usage. The system allows to change the texture of the image and also allows to generate different views of the image. The dimensions of the image can also be adjusted as per the requirement. Image processing has applications in several fields such as remote sensing, radiology, graphic design, photo editing, character recognition, cytology, finger print matching and other sciences. Image processing systems must be capable of functions such as image acquisition, image storage, image processing using various techniques, image display, and image transfer.


The Effigy Processing Java Project is proposed to have the following modules:

Processing Module:

This module allows us to capture the image and process the image by applying various processing techniques. Images can be processed by functions to blur the image, to sharpen the image, to increase or decrease brightness, to detect edges, to change gray scale, to emboss and to generate negative of the image.

Display Module:

This module allows us to increase or decrease the image dimensions along one or two dimensions. It also allows to generate mirror image of a picture or to flip the image. We can also zoom the image in or out.

Storage Module:

This module allows us to save the modified or enhanced images for further usage. This allows us to store the same image in different formats and effects.

Software Requirements:-

• Programming Language : Java
• Java Version : JDK
• Operating System : Windows XP/LINUX

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