Cafeteria Critics – Online Food Review App Java Project

This is a simple web-based school project developed for Online Food Menu Review System. This application was created with simple java code, HTML, CSS, and backend MySQL db.

Once the customer gives a review, the name and review rating/grade will be saved alongside their food and the comment on a page which will be saved in a database that can be accessed later using the admin login. Here Students can give reviews a number of times, Once the review is given student gets the message: Thank you for your feedback, Please wait 2 minutes to enter another review

The architecture diagram of the system is below:

The output results are shown below:

index page :

Admin Login page :

Student Login :

In this project users are students and for the student login no need for a username and password for students, Only names and grades are sufficient. The student Login Page consists of two fields below:

  • Enter  name
  • And enter grade

View Dish Comment

On the dish comment page, A dish should be a name of a dish or a picture of a dish

Admin View Review

In the admin view review page, the student’s name and comment will be visible.

Viva Questions:

The end product that will be made will be a website or some other format as an app or something else. Then why is MySQL needed if it’s on the web?

Here you can download the complete Cafeteria Critics – Online Food Menu Review App Java Project Sourcecode

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