Interfacing Color Sensor with Different Wave Lengths to Microcontroller

The main aim of INTERFACING COLOR SENSOR WITH DIFFERENT WAVE LENGTHS TO MICRO CONTROLLER project is to implement a color sensor by using micro controller. In this project we are using LDR for color sensing. LDR output is dependent on incident of light intensity when ever intensity is decreased result from LDR resistance will be decreased. So in this project we are implementing the code such that according to light intensity we have to display the name of the color on the LCD.

             The installation of the colored sensor into the sorting workstation at the Department of production technology and robotics has enabled the elimination of the obsolete web camera and computer. Both these devices have been replaced by a color sensor which also enables more simple adjustment and manipulation with the sensor. At the same time, the sensor, which recognizes up to 8 colors and belongs to the up-to-date elements, can also be applied to other areas of automated workstations. Thus students are offered the possibility to test this type of optical element on real objects. 

download Interfacing Color Sensor with Different Wave Lengths to Microcontroller project Abstract.

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