Industrial Fault Indication System With Over Voltage Abstract


To design a digital meter that can measure voltage, current, and resistance.



Designing analog circuits are important to calculate parameters like voltage resistance and current. This circuit will be useful to calculate these three parameters and send out put. Analog and digital converters are connected to analog circuit and the output generated from ADC is connected to micro controller for acquiring desired parameters. Temperature set points are predefined in the system. When the temperature exceeds or decreases from the set point system will automatically on DC motor or OFF DC motor? At the same time indication is displayed using green and red led lights which show voltage level and the voltage readings are displayed on the LCD screen.

Hard ware: 

  • Micro controller
  • ADC
  • Lm 35(temp sensor)
  • Lcd
  • Dc motor
  • leds¬†

Soft ware:

  • Functionality of all above components
  • Embedded C programming
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