Electrical Seminar Idea on The Prospects of Nanotechnology in Electrical Power Engineering

Introduction to Electrical Seminar Idea on The Prospects of Nanotechnology in Electrical Power Engineering:

The electrical power is such a application through which many technologies are rising with a great success. In these quick rising technologies, one of the successful technologies is nanotechnology. Not only in electrical power engineering but also in all the engineering and medical fields this nanotechnology is playing the major role.

Even though the cost of this technology is high, it is very successful. The nanotechnology is a successful technology because of its much accuracy or its control towards the losses. This project includes the possible applications using nanotechnology in electrical power engineering. The main intention is to increase the lifetime and to decrease the maintenance’s along with size and cost of high voltage insulation systems. To understand the concept of nanotechnology in electrical power engineering, a existing application depending upon nanotechnology is explained in this project i.e., nano-coated porcelain insulators.

          In electrical power engineering, the nanotechnology is used to reduce the losses, improve the insulators, and increase the reliability, and to improve the lifetime along with the efficiency. The knowledge of nanotechnology energizes some researchers to implement one application i.e., reducing the ohmic losses at metallic conductors with the help of Carbon Nano Tubes [CNT]. Using this CNT we can notice that the resistivity of room temperature will be 50% less than Cu. In the electrical industries during production the main drawback is ohmic losses.

To overcome this drawback CNT can be used. The regular problems in ceramic outdoor insulator are like corona discharges and leakage of current. To overcome this problem the developers can use the products which are made up of nano liquids can be used. The nanotechnology is such a technology through which we can overcome a lot of problems and to find the solutions for failures. The nanofillers are also made up of nanotechnology used to modify the thermal conductivity and resistance of insulating materials. As a result, the nanotechnology is very useful in manufacturing the products with much efficiency, lifetime and reliability.

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