Human Resource Management System DFD

Introduction to Human Resource Management System Project:

The human resource management system is a database of the employees information, talents, employee schedule and the projects under taken. The HRMS database provides the information by the external corporate databases and directly. The attendance summary display provides the management of the employee scheduled plans and the other scheduled activities.

The function known as the Human resource search and scheduling is made for the human resources with desired skills. The interface is developed for the handling of the external database and the HRMS database. The view of the external database and the HRMS database is made for the common user interface. The HRMS server and the HRMS database is applied in the programmed system. 

The HR work in an organization is to maintain recruitment of employee, time management, management of the payroll, and other employee management process. The manual handling of the employee recruitment, time scheduling and the salary slip creation for the thousands of employee organization is difficult task. The requirement of the automated system makes the job easy for the HR department in a effective manner. 

The current system has some problems like the test conducting feature is difficult, the attendance system need to update every time by login. The attendance and the appropriate salary with leave can be made easily by applying the proposed system. 

Limitations of the Existing System 

There are many modules in the system. The existing system is manual and limited modules are automated. The JAVABEAN tag cannot be made. 

The Proposed Project 

The Proposed Project eases the HR work with efficient processing. The recruitment process is made automated and includes written test, Technical test, HR test etc. For the HR help it posses the time management schedule, leave management schedule and the payroll management schedule. 

The Proposed system is the computerized system that includes the computation of the inputs, easy access of the database. The information is easy to retrieve as output. 

The modules includes

  1. The user profile management and the registrations.
  2. The applicant module for the registration.
  3. The module made for the recruitment process.
  4. Employee attendance and leave record for the salary preparation.
  5. The payroll module for preparing the salary and generates the pay slip.
  6. High secure for handling confidential data. 

 Download  Human Resource Management System DFD .

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