AJAX Based Online Text Support Synopsis

  1. Introduction

AJAX Based Online Text Support is basically a web based chatting application mainly used in companies for tech support. This AJAX Based Online Text Support project features same texture like all normal chatting application with more enhanced features mainly meant for tech support.

This system can be used to improve business relationships and the most important customer satisfaction, as these two are the most essential factors.

This AJAX Based Online Text Support application involves communication between customer and support team member to get the necessary solution for the queries customer is facing with. The customer has a login to website to get the support from where he can select any available support team member from the list shown to clarify his queries and the problem can be resolved.

  1. Challenge

 The challenges in developing this application are to make it more users interactive and faster in the web by reducing the network round trip.

  1. Proposed Solution

Proposed System uses AJAX technology to reduce network round trip and enhance user interaction in web.

The customer has a login to the web site to get the support. Where he can select any available support person. Secure one to one cannel will be established between the two and user can get his problem resolved.

The chat session will be saved as the back up for the review and tracking by the management of the support group. This chat sequences can be emailed to the customer for further clarification.

  1. Features
  • Chat sequence can be mailed to the customer for further clarification.
  • More easy to use, fast, reduces network trips as it is equipped with AJAX tools.
  • Tracking employee or support team members. 
  1. Technology 
  • Microsoft .Net
  • Visual C# or VB.net language
  • Net
  • AJAX
  • SQL Server
  • XML
  1. Future enhancements 

Upgrading software to support Voice and Video Chatting. 

  1. Conclusion 

AJAX Based Online Text Support is a text support platform, so it can be modified to fit to any business use-case and since it is used on internet so we can reduce support cost and en shore customer satisfaction.

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