Library Management System PHP project SQL Database Code

The main aim of this PHP project is to provide SQL database tables to the Library Management System developer or final year students.

This application main modules included author details, book details, book category details, contact details, days details, issue details, person information, and more.

Library Management System PHP project SQL Database Code and full source code in VB.

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  1. Hi, I would be extremely grateful if someone can help me on a project that I have downloaded. Library management system in PHP. I have a few confusions as I am not too much familiar with PHP. Please help

  2. how to run this program i change the db base code and put sql code but found sa some errors like error 103
    this is really working?
    give me some instructions to use this thankyou!

    1. Help me
      I want to make a destroyable page.
      How can we make a page that will get destroy after a fixed amount time using PHP…?

  3. may i knw how to run dis prgrm. sry im nt gud wth php so pls help me to run the program. already i have installed wamp server whats d next step…

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