Robust And Secure Authentication Protocol In Group Oriented Distributed Applications Report

Introduction to Robust And Secure Authentication Protocol In Group Oriented Distributed Applications Project:

In group oriented distributed applications, there is a need for providing security services in order to provide group oriented communication privacy and data integrity.  Group communication data can be encrypted by a common secret key which is known to all group members.  In peer-to-peer network, the communication between group members is susceptible regarding common secret key as there is no previous agreement on the common secret key. So in order to maintain a secure and private communication among group members there is a need to establish distributed group key agreement and authentication protocol.

The protocol used for this dynamic communication group as per this paper is Tree-based Group Diffie-Hellman protocol.  Among rebuild, batch and Queue-batch algorithms, the best interval-based algorithm is Queue-batch algorithm. This algorithm has been proposed to perform rekeying operations and this algorithm has a capability to reduce the communication workload in a huge dynamic environment. Instance messaging technique is proposed to demonstrate the system’s strength. 


To provide the security to the group communications in distributed applications the things need to consider are protocol efficiency and group dynamics. Two-party communications has both starting and ending points but group communication has its own complexity as there is no one end point because members in the group joins and leaves at any time. Dynamic group tends to be small size when compared to that of multicast group so the focus is highly there on dynamic group. 

This group assumes many-to-many communication pattern. Dynamic communication group members are always located in a distributed fashion. The critical things need to be considered for secure group communication are secure, robust and efficient key management which helps to demonstrate the system’s strength.   


This paper discussed about TGDH protocols and tree management. Analysis of queue-batch algorithm based on its performance is also discussed in this paper.  The protocol proposed in this paper is Tree-based Group Diffie-Hellman protocol, which helps to achieve distributive and collaborative key management.  Interval-based rekey operations help to reduce the rekey complexity.

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