Modern House Automation (AC/DC) Using RF Communication Abstract


 The main aim of Modern house automation (AC/DC) using RF communication project is to control the appliances in home by using a standard RF communication through predefined distance designed by antenna.


This project describes to organizing the devices from some distance using RF data communication. Here we are transmitting a signal from remote control by pressing a button with a special micro controller section by displaying on LCD. The data coming from the remote is gained by the RF receiver and give that to micro controller. By writing software to decrypt the data we can get the original data. Then the micro controller does the corresponding operation like switching ON and OFF devices through relays. This data displays on the LCD always. Advantages are we operate the devices at some distance, power saving, easy to operate. Applications are in hotel environments, office environments etc. 


  • Tlp434
  • Rlp434
  • Lcd
  • Devices 


  • Functionality of all above components
  • Embedded c programming
  • RF concept
download Modern house automation (AC/DC) using RF communication  Abstract .

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