GSM Based Mobile Recharge .Net Project Abstract


This GSM Based Mobile Recharge project is developed because, the customer can recharge himself/herself.  In this first the customer should register on their respective mobile center. There are recharge machine centers, and the customer can go to the recharge machine center and he can do recharge without the second person help.

When ever we wanted to recharge our Mobile phones we should do just go to nearest recharge center and provide our details when ever it requested. And when ever we say recharge the system will generate a code and it will send that code to the Mobile number which is specified by the user.

To recharge the number we must type the code which is sent by the system.  When both the codes matches then only the number which is given by the user will recharged and the amount will be deducted from the account.

This SELF MOBILE RECHARGE Authenticates Person’s Using Dynamically Generated GSMID and retrieves the details pertaining to that specific person from the database.  SELF MOBILE RECHARGE is based on a GSM Modems used for sending SMS (Short Message Service) that has advantages over the traditional authentication process in that it tries to read a Constant ID Details.

User GSMID is successfully matched against each other by using Data Base, but only if they had been included in the DataBase. GSMID outside the Data Base pool should be added Updated to GSM ATM System before Performing the task otherwise they would not be handled correctly. The one, which is to be recognized by ATM System, must be updated before Validating.

The major advantage of this GSM Based Mobile Recharge (SELF MOBILE RECHARGE) is the Additional security features it offers. Anti Social events like Credit card, Debit Card etc will soon be things of the past thus ensuring fair, free and easier for Recharging Mobile Phones.

System Specifications

Software Requirements: –

Operating System : Windows

Programming language: C#.NET

Back-End: Sql Server

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