Prepaid Electricity Billing System Using GSM Mobile Abstract

In PREPAID ELECTRICITY BILLING SYSTEM USING GSM MOBILE project, the present billing system was eliminated completely and a new system namely prepaid billing system was introduced for embedded applications which overcomes the drawbacks in present billing system. If this system comes in our day to day life it will be useful for both the Government and the public.

The present practice of electricity billing is manual method only. With this, the total billing is a time consuming process and it requires more manpower. The collection of billing is late procedure and so many consumers may not pay in time. Disconnecting of unpaid connections is also manual. Due to all these drawbacks we cannot have proper auditing. 

Lack of awareness on power consumption and also the present energy meters displays only units, so the user cannot plan his usage of power. To avoid all these problems, we are introducing this system. 

In this system, a micro controller is interfaced with an energy metering circuit, keypad and a display, to display total units and balance amount, a contactor to make or break power line, and a buzzer indicator. At the sub-station end, a PC is connected with all energy meters using any communication channel. 

When the user pays money, he gets a recharge code. When he enters the code, the meter verifies the code with substation and on confirmation; it starts counting the no. of units and reduces the card amount relatively. On completion of amount, it disconnects the line automatically with an alarm prior to that. The consumption data, card status and line status are transmitted to substation for auditing. 

With this system, we can determine the difference between the actual power consumed and sold power easily. With this we can easily identify the tampered areas and we can avoid power thefting.

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