GSM Based System Design for Industrial Automation ECE Project Paper

In this project GSM Based System Design for Industrial Automation ECE Project Paper, use of GSM and GPS technology is used where automation of systems is enabled and this can be used to pin-point the exact location of the people, vehicles etc. sensors are fitted into homes so that if any thief enters, the sensor will convey the information through an SMS alerting the police.

gsm-based-system-design-for-industrial-automation-ece-project-paperEverywhere around us there is a marked increase in the number of robberies. The police is unable to ascertain the when the theft takes place and point out with exact precision as to where it’s actually occurring. Often the police reach the location after the theft is committed. Alarm systems and home security systems are featured everyday in the market to prevent such thefts.

The project GSM based system design for industrial automation makes use of microcontrollers, sensors, relays, display unit and memory device inbuilt. To secure any device, the user has to send SMS for activating it and setting a password too. Once the microcontroller receives the SMS it compares it with the password stored in the database. If it matched, the action is performed.

           Since every device is password controlled only the person aware of the password can control the device. Sensors that are used are PIR sensors, smoke sensors etc. if there is a forced entry the sensor will intimate it to the microcontroller and the microcontroller will further determine from where the threat is there.


GSM is one of the upcoming technologies and is used in this project too. It possesses a smart modem which easily combines with embedded systems methodology. Once this system is implemented using GSM, remote access is obtained. This project can be applied to homes as well as offices. Furthermore this project can be extended to incorporate a video camera to keep an eye inside the house.

Download GSM Based System Design for Industrial Automation ECE & EEE B Tech/ BE Final Project Report and Document.

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