Global Counseling System MCA Java Project Documentation

Introduction to Global Counseling System Java Project:

Global Counseling System Application is the tool that is used to maintaining the resource of the global system and the necessary information. It has more capabilities than any storage system. It also helps in managing the various users.

These systems provide proper report and the only thing what you exactly need. These have the features to store the information of the users, their history or past and present what they are doing, everything is categorized in that system and they can also remove any user from those systems if they need to that. They have got the right to delete, add or modify the global data. They define all the data and the departments and adjust them very well then they add any new employee.You can also add new department or new field or new categories.

Present systems that are used are proper they are not developed efficiently. They store data in the table like excel sheet. That makes the data compact and impossible to search from many. For that we have to make new system that have database based on the query and that categories the data. This will remove the data complexity and data will be user friendly.

Global Counseling System Modules:

admin:this will control the entire application, it will add, delete, or modify like features.

Guide: its function is to answer the query.

Members:  they can create exams and place the query to the form and display the merit list.

User module: to need to have username and password to log in to the account.

You need system that has at least 256MB and 20GB hard disk with Windows XP installed on the computer. You can do coding in the HTML and JAVA with using JAVASCRIPT and SQL as a database.


  1. Priyanka Sethisays:

    Please send me source code of this project in java core with whole documentation. I am using NetBeans IDE 8..0.2. for the project. Thank you.

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