Generations of Computer BCA Seminar Topic with Report

Generations of computer presentation covers details about Computer devices and its generation is always the interesting topic. Every new generation has given lot of changes and many new things are implemented.Every generation new technology is implemented and the price and hardware keep on decreasing.

First generation (1940-1956):in this generation vacuum tubes are the main elements, they are used for the circuitry. These are used in the large quantity; you can say that whole room. Then other most important thing was drum that are made of magnets are used for memory. These drums are divided into tracks and one drum can have 200 tracks. They are rotated at the high speed for data storing. They are very expensive and they are dependent on the machine language.

Second generation (1956-1963): in this generation vacuum tubes are stopped and they used transistors. This reduces the size of the computer and they use less power than vacuum tubes. Machine language is also stopped and instead of that they used assembly language. Languages like COBOL and FORTRAN were introduced.

Third generations (1964-1971): in this generation IC are used and they increased the speed of the computers and they drastically reduces the size of the computers. IC comprises of lots and transistors. It also called as CPU of the computers.

Fourth generation (1971- present): in this generation many IC are combined to form single chip called processor. This has given rise to new world. After this microprocessor are used in the many devices digital devices.It intrudes GUI devices like mouse.

Fifth generation (present and future): this will be the advanced technology in computer technology like artificial intelligence. It includes 3-D gaming, robotics, computers can also think and they will be given capability to take decisions. New technology like voice recognition technologies is implemented.

Generations of Computer presentation Covers:

  • Different generations explanation
  • Brief notes of computer revolution

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