Project Report On Automatic Pressure Controller

The Project Report On Automatic Pressure Controller work entitled “automatic pressure regulator uses PIC 16F 72 microcontrollers as its main component. It is a simple and inexpensive circuit for detecting atmospheric pressure. It automatically detects the air pressure and displays the pressure in Pascal on an LCD display. It also points to inform the level of pressure on some printing conditions. Today microcontrollers are common, so the microcontroller based Pressure controller is flexible and reliable. It provides a good visual indication. Here as an innovative project work developed as an automatic pressure controller, is an effective example of microcontroller application and is a low cost and also user friendly.

An integrated pressure controller is a device controlled by the PIC microcontroller C16F73 senses the pressure inside a small area and indicates the pressure with an LCD display. Along with this system shows the different levels of pressure with LEDs. In such a system essentially consists of a pressure sensor, a microcontroller and LCD display along with other shows level LEDs.

The sensor is in a cabin pressure that is recognized and controlled the pressure in the cabin detected and generates an analog output voltage applied by the pressure. This analog output voltage is converted into a digital format that is converted by an analog-digital converter (ADC). Then, the output voltage is applied to the microcontroller to provide the output pressure. Then the output pressure may be displayed using the LCD display through suitable interfacing circuitry.

Project Report On Automatic Pressure Controller Conclusion:

Microcontroller based Automatic Pressure Controller is capable of reading the atmospheric pressure and indicating the levels. We can use this device as a universal exchange necessary to change the software and hardware according to the study of multiple sequences of microcontroller programming used to change. The assembler program is MPLAB.MPLAB is used to interact with well PICSTAR programmers used. Once the program has successfully fulfilled, the PIC can be programmed.

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