Fabrication of an Automatic Battery Charger Using SCR

The objectives of this Fabrication of an Automatic Battery Charger Using SCR are an automatic battery charger with and without using trickle charging arrangement. The battery charger controls the charging current with the comparison of the terminal voltage of the battery under charge and constant reference voltage obtained across a Zener diode.

When charged condition of the battery is full then the SCR automatically turns OFF and cuts the battery out of the charging circuit. It keeps the battery healthy by avoiding its overcharging.

A transformer is a static device that has two or more stationary circuits which are interlinked with a common magnetic circuit for transferring electrical energy between them and EMF equation of a transformer is given by e=4.44Baft.

A step up transformer has secondary voltage which is greater than its primary voltage. A transformer is made up of two or more coils of insulated wires wound around iron core. If voltage is applied to one coil then it magnetizes the iron core.

Three phase transformer needs less space than single phase. Three phase is lighter, smaller, cheaper and more efficient and are positioned at 120 degree to each other.

A diode is an electronic component with two terminals to conduct electric current in only one direction and a crystalline piece of semiconductor material is connected to two electrical terminals. The unidirectional behavior is called rectification.

A Zener diode permits current in the forward direction and in the reverse direction when the voltage is larger than the breakdown which is called “Zener knee voltage” or “Zener voltage” which can be measured using Zener diode tester.

A silicon-controlled rectifier is a four-layer solid state device which controls current. SCR has four layers of alternating P and N type semiconductor materials and silicon is used as the intrinsic semiconductor and proper dopants are added to it.


In this project, Automatic Battery Charger Using SCR  as an Electronic THYRISTOR is used to control the charging system. It is an automatic system with which charging a battery up to 12 volts rating is very easy.

Download Fabrication of an Automatic Battery Charger Using SCR Electrical and Electronics Engineering EEE Final Year Project Report.

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